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Family Group Movement Collage

A Word From Our Patron

'Family Groups offer our Catholic communities the chance to become more family-sensitive, friendly and welcoming, in line with the objectives of the Bishops’ collaborative pastoral initiative: Everybody’s Welcome. At their best, Family Groups offer understanding, friendship and support to all, encourage and celebrate family life in its myriad forms, and help everyone in the parish feel that they belong. I am delighted to be the patron of the Family Group Movement (England & Wales), and to endorse this initiative.'

Peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Launch of Family Groups at St Teresa's, Upholland

We are delighted to share with you the following report on the launch of our newest Family Groups in England and Wales:-

Initial interest in Family Groups started at St Teresa's when a member of the parish Focus Team attended a workshop at Proclaim '15 on developing Family Friendly Parishes. The idea was discussed in the parish and the Focus Team then invited Chris and Vince Joyce (Co Chair of the National Steering Group England & Wales) to share their experience of leading Family Groups in their own Parish, St Michael & Bernadette's, in Whitefield (Salford Diocese) where the initiative has been working successfully for nearly ten years.

The parish was keen to get the 'grass roots' perspective and to learn first hand how Family Groups could enhance the life of a parish. The Focus Team were given plenty of support from Chris and Vince and tremendous encouragement from their Parish Priest, Fr Philip Kehoe, as they worked towards a September launch.  A Coordinator Team (Bernard and Margaret ) were appointed. They produced articles for the School and Church newsletters and spoke at a meeting for new parents of Reception intake pupils - inviting them all to join in with this exciting new parish initiative. A fantastic launch weekend followed at the end of September, supported by Chris and Vince and National Steering Group member, Maureen O'Brien. 90 applications were received and 3 groups were formed immediately. Some of those who signed up were able to return to the parish hall on the Sunday afternoon to meet their groups and arrange their first meeting. At the celebrations to mark St Teresa's Feast Day, the following weekend, four more families signed up and were absorbed into the existing groups.

At the time of writing all groups have held their first meeting and drawn up a programme of events for the coming months. There is a real buzz and excitement in the parish as the leader teams work together to build solid foundations and to get Family Groups firmly established in the parish.

We wish them every success!

For all enquiries about Family Groups please email and a member of the Steering Group will be in touch. If you have Family Group pictures or news you wish to share on this blog please email

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